Get Up and Get Out, but Stay on the Web

I’m here to get your butt up and off the office chair and your feet moving even if you already use a standing desk. Why mindlessly browse Facebook and Twitter when you could use the same web to get outside, get some exercise, and move around?


Fitness Apps and Games

Reviews for the latest fitness apps and games are coming soon! Gadgets and software you can buy or download for your iPhone, Android phone, tablet, PC, or console will come under hardcore scrutiny here. Find out what stuff makes you move around and feel that burn, from simple exercise trackers to full-blown games. The only benchmark they must meet is making you move that booty and adopt a healthier lifestyle. What apps will rise to this virtual fitness trainer challenge?


Motion Experiments

If you really want to flee the flab, then true, not imagined movement is key. The online exercise world of the future won’t be the mouse and keyboard or even the touchscreen. We’ll experiment with natural user interface gadgets like the Kinect that get you double step-touching with a web-connected experience that uses your whole body as the controller.


Why Do It?

I’m doing it because I’m a 230-lb software developer who wants to use this technology to get healthy and fit. As I explore and review the brand-new world of fitness apps and games, you can follow along and share what works for you. And when I throw my mouse and keyboard in the trash to experiment, you can follow my insane natural-user-interface experiments and decide if Minority Report is or isn’t lying to you and your potential for using the web for all your physical fitness needs.